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life coach oakland, life coach east bay, career coach oakland, career coach east bay

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Career and Life Design Coaching

Stacey Miller, PCC, Career and Life Design Coach

because you deserve to thrive


​​My passion and professional expertise is in coaching people to find their balance, joy, and peak performance, both personally and professionally. Whether you are seeking career development, considering a career transition, or wanting to re-design how you live your life,

I can help.  If that interests you, I invite you to read on.  


Does this sound a lot like you?:You're good at what you do. You've built a solid career for yourself. You have a busy life outside of work. You invest in your own growth and development. You care deeply about making a positive impact in the world. And…


You find yourself struggling to meet the constant demands of multiple roles and competing priorities, and/or dissatisfied with the contribution you are making.

It's beginning to take its toll on you, both physically and mentally, despite your best efforts to cope.


You're starting to realize that you need to invest in yourself in order to BE your best self, but it feels daunting, and you have no idea where to start.  


I'm here to tell you that I’ve been there, and I've made it my

mission to help others find their way through it. Whether you are

considering a career transition or simply need to shift the balance

to enhance your well-being, I can help. In addition to career coaching,

I offer coaching in life design and work-life balance. 

I can tell you this, with great certainty: you have  the power

within you to create the life you want and deserve! Doing so will

not only benefit you, but it will have a ripple effect on those

around you.  


I can provide the COMPASSIONATE support

and PRACTICAL guidance 

you need to cultivate a more

BALANCED and INTENTIONAL life for good.

Are you ready to cut through the chaos and enhance your contribution?

Using a unique Integral Coaching® approach combined with my business expertise, I will work with you to create a customized plan to get more clear on your intentions, identify a viable path forward, and take aligned action towards your desired outcomes. 


Our work together can help you achieve results such as:


  • a more fulfilling and satisfying life
  • improved focus and ability to prioritize
  • deeper connection to yourself and others
  • ​increased self-compassion and confidence
  • greater well-being with more laughter and joy
  • becoming more effective, powerful, and creative at living your life with purpose! 

I will support you in re-imagining your role in the world with greater authenticity, while deepening your sense of satisfaction with life. Integral Coaching® takes into account the whole person, as well as external factors such as environment and relationships. We will address your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being in order to make changes that are meaningful and lasting. 

The Integral Coaching® process can go as deep as you let it. I'll be honest – it won't be simple or easy (what kind of personal growth is?), but it will at times generate some heartfelt laughter (my promise to you!). 



So. What do YOU want to cultivate?​