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Cultivating Possibility


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Stacey Miller, Career and Life Design Coach

Hi! I’m Stacey.  I believe we all have the capacity to tap into our innate wisdom to live and work with great passion, authenticity, and contentment.  Whether coaching or not, I am passionate about helping people take back their lives and restore their sense of well-being and purpose, while having a positive impact on the world.  My professional coaching certification (PCC) is in Integral Coaching,® which integrates the whole person into the work. As a coach, I am dedicated to providing my clients the honest and compassionate guidance they need to develop new skills and ways of being in the world, so that they can take the next step in their lives with greater clarity.

I work primarily with professionals who are dedicated to making positive contributions in their communities as they navigate the challenges of juggling multiple roles and competing priorities. My experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors taught me the importance of balancing my time and energy so I could also enjoy my personal life and give back to my Bay Area community. I offer in-person and video coaching that's not just about goals and accountability. My work incorporates the whole you - mind, body, spirit, environment, and relationships.  

With a strong commitment to personal development, social justice, and involvement in the greater Oakland community, I try to embody the values I hold dear. Through my work I aim to serve the greater good by supportively coaching individuals in cultivating new skills that lead to increased life satisfaction, and enjoying the ripple effect this has in their world.

My Professional Journey

I have an extensive background in both non-profit and corporate human resources, which has included coaching leaders and employees at all levels. Brief highlights include building the HR functions at two small non-profits, developing and launching the Volunteer Release Time policy during my tenure at Levi's, and designing and implementing a voluntary Mediation Program within the centralized Employee Relations department I had helped build during my decade+ at Genentech. My undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara is in Communications and I am a trained Mediator and Meyers-Briggs administrator.  Most of all, I am proud to have earned the professional designation of Integral Coach®, having graduated from the year-long Professional Coaching Certification program at New Ventures West in San Francisco, CA. In addition to my private practice, I also coach young entrepreneurs through Youth Business USA, an Oakland-based non-profit dedicated to helping under-served young adults achieve their business dreams.

My Personal Journey

After over twenty years in human resources, I came to the realization that I was no longer content supporting people’s development in the corporate environment alone. A trip to Kenya in 2011 proved transformational, and propelled my journey toward a simpler and more gratifying life for myself, dedicated to helping people more directly and holistically.

When I suddenly found myself feeling so out of place in the corporate world that I could barely hold back tears in the middle of a very productive off-site meeting with HR colleagues at a gorgeous wine-country inn, I knew I had to make a move ASAP. Yet, realistically, I needed to be thoughtful about my timing, and I needed to maintain my commitment to doing my best work while I remained in my role. To achieve this, I embarked on a journey to find better ways to manage work-life balance and nourish my soul for the duration of my time there. Consequently, my last year was perhaps the least stressful I'd ever spent as a corporate HR professional. It was certainly the healthiest year I'd had for a while!

Though it had taken some time to both summon the courage and set aside sufficient resources to support a break in income, I eventually parted ways with corporate life to do some deep personal development work and ultimately launch my own coaching business. I chose the name, "Cultivating Possibility," because this is what I continue to nurture in my own life as well as with my clients. My love of helping others identify and create their own possibilities for joy only grows as I observe the positive outcomes their new ways of being bring about.

As a lifelong learner, I strive to continue building deeper self-awareness and engaging in practices that align with my desire to express myself with the greatest authenticity. When I'm not coaching, you can find me dancing my ass off for fitness and fun with a diverse community of powerful women, cooking balanced and creative meals at home, and going hiking with my goofy pup, Buddy. In addition to coaching under-served young entrepreneurs through YBUSA, I feed my soul by volunteering as an adult literacy tutor through the Oakland Public Library, and regularly participating in Operation Ceasefire's Friday night walks in East Oakland to show love and support for the community and encourage a reduction in gun violence.

While I love meeting in person, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime appointments are also available.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. ~ Maya Angelou

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