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Stacey is a GREAT coach. She's very attentive, compassionate, nurturing, and solution orientated. With her guidance these last 4 months, I have been able to accomplish a lot more in business than I have the last 2 years by myself. When I'm with Stacey I really feel that she cares about me and my growth and that is very comforting. Talking to her helps me generate ideas on how I can over come my challenges in my personal and business life. I HIGHLY recommend Stacey as a coach.

~ Jacqueline A., Personal Fitness Instructor & Nutrition Coach, Oakland, CA

I have previously worked with 2 coaches with varying experiences. Stacey, however, belongs to the subset of well-equipped and extremely competent coaches.  She truly raises the bar by combining career, well-being, and life coaching. Her holistic approach to coaching allows for her (and myself) to see the bigger picture as she helps me to chip away at my goals and aspirations.
The direction and feeling of "being on the right track" that I've gained from working with Stacey has been a blessing. I appreciate each and every coaching session. I know that I will carry her knowledge and wisdom with me throughout my journey.

~ Cam D., Entrepreneur,Oakland, CA

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Stacey supported me in navigating through an emotional minefield at a time when I knew I needed to transition out of a job I had been doing for three years, in order to focus solely on building my private practice as a therapist.

I highly recommend Stacey for coaching those of us who are considering any kind of career transition. She is adept at empathically and patiently guiding people through those tough career decisions and the subsequent actions needed to follow through with them successfully.

~ Tina K., Therapist and Certified Grief Counselor, Berkeley, CA

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One of the things I most admire about Stacey is her willingness to perceive me through all of my defenses and to voice it, and to voice what lives there. 

~ Kelly M., Spiritual Healer & Coach, Washington DC

Stacey has the courage to step into the messiness and be with it, with that fiery tenderness….

~ Kathleen H., HR Consultant & Coach, Denver, CO

During the 7 months that we worked together, Stacey helped me focus on the questions I was most interested in and supported me in digging deeper into the impulses that drove the question. To that point, she was able to come up with some profoundly changing exercises that I still use to focus my energy. Because of our work together I no longer feel stuck. Best of all, I met my goals! 

Overall Stacey is kind, compassionate, and deeply interested in helping. You won't find a better Life Coach.

~ Caren C., Writer and Composition Instructor, Oakland, CA

In addition to her caring nature, Stacey was so skillful at helping me to see entirely new possibilities and step into a whole new way of being that helped me to be more effective. Working with Stacey allowed me to become a more mindful leader and person overall. Her coaching gave me the tools to work toward whole-life balance. I also greatly appreciated her generosity of time, attention, sense of humor, and genuine interest. Stacey makes you feel both at ease and very supported and brings a unique set of skills honed from her professional life before coaching to her approach.

~ Radhika W., Senior HR Leader, San Francisco, CA