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As a coach, I am constantly on the lookout for inspiration and helpful tools, both for myself and for my clients. There is no shortage of them here in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area. I'm sure you have your own sources in your part of the world. And then, there is the beauty and broad reach of the internet. Below are a few of my favorite people, places and things that are electronically accessible. They feed my thirst for self-awareness, pique my curiosity, and in many ways bring me JOY. I love sharing them with fellow travelers on this never-ending journey of self-discovery and personal development that we call life. And no, I was not asked to include any of them, and receive no kickbacks. I hope you find something you like here.

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​Get a jumpstart on your development with some self-coaching! 

People to learn from:

Carol Dweck, on learning to cultivate a growth mindset

Amy Cuddy, on using your body to increase self-confidence

Smart People podcasts, by Jon Rojas and Chris Stemp - some of my favorites:

  • Rich Roll #210 - Live with Authenticity
  • Dennis Tirch #225 - the Science of Self-Compassion
  • Brené Brown #45 - the Gifts of Imperfection

Places where you can be authentic and fully present:

        and a welcoming, inclusive community

  • Hipline: dance fitness studio for fun, creative movement in an

        inclusive, empowering, women-only environment

Things that impart wisdom and inspiration:

Article by UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center:

"How Nature Can Make You Kinder, Happier, and More Creative"

Website developed by the Dalai Lama and psychologist Paul Ekman: The Atlas of Emotions

This site facilitates increased self-awareness by helping us identify and understand our emotions more deeply

Other Websites I Love:

  • Greater Good - "The Science of a Meaningful Live" - from UC Berkeley

  • Upworthy - because their videos make me feel good, especially in "Inspiration" & "Being a Better Human"


The Enneagram Institute site and quiz - I recommend the free RHETI sampler if you're interested; no matter what type you identify as your primary style, there are many great personal development paths recommended!

Insight Timer meditation app - includes broad selection of guided meditations

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